LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – You may want to leave home a little earlier if you travel Dixie Highway after a pavement replacement project resumed.

The project has actually been ongoing since 2015, but it's not part of the hyped Dixie Do Over.

The first phase of paving will begin this week near the congested intersection of Dixie Highway and Valley Station Road and some are concerned their daily commute will only get worse before things get better.

After moving from Bullitt County to be closer to her mother LeAsia Kirk said she could see, and feel a difference on her commute down Dixie Highway.

"I didn't see much traffic, but the roads are really rough to drive on so watch your tires,” LeAsia Kirk said.

Andrea Clifford of the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet says they know that potholes can be pricey for drivers so they're spending $15 million to patch the situation.

"You'll see traffic cones, signs, and barrels going up this week,” Andrea Clifford said.

Construction will begin near Valley High and move north in four phases while the end result is a smoother commute it could be a bumpy road driving down Dixie.

Traffic will be shifted by the end of the week between Bethany Lane and Valley Station Road to allow for drainage pipe installation near Valley High School.

The project limits are from Stonegate Manor Drive and Greenwood Road (mile points 6.6 to 11.7). The existing asphalt pavement is being removed down to the original concrete pavement. An intermediate material is being installed as a means to prevent reflective cracking between the concrete and asphalt layers. Base and surface layers of asphalt will be paved to complete the roadway.

"Many people that drive on Dixie Highway in the past would feel a thump every so many feet,” Clifford said. “That's the joints from the original concrete pavement. We're going to put that intermediate layer in and then go back in with several lifts of asphalt base, and then go back in with the final surface."

In addition, most of the traffic signals along this section of Dixie Highway will be upgraded by replacing poles, adding permitted/protected left turn arrows and installing reflective back plates as well as pedestrian push buttons. Existing sidewalk ramps will be upgraded to ADA compliance and new ramps will be built where pedestrians previously stood on the shoulder of the road.

The project is divided into four sections of work:

Stonegate Manor Drive to Bethany Lane (mile points 6.6 to 7.7)

Bethany Lane to Valley Station Road (mile points 7.7 to 8.6)

Valley Station Road to West Pages Lane (mile points 8.6 to 10.5)

West Pages Lane to Greenwood Road (mile points 10.5 to 11.7)

Section one between Stonegate Manor Drive and Bethany Lane has been completed. Roadway construction was delayed last year while utilities were relocated. Work is beginning next week in Section two and will proceed north. Crews must install drainage pipe along the roadway before beginning the asphalt replacement.

Next, they will remove the asphalt, install the intermediate layer and repave the roadway in each section before moving to the next one.

"I was turning out one day and didn't know which lane I was in because the roads haven't been painted yet, so that was a little confusing,” Kirk said.

"Definitely allow yourself extra time to get where you're going because they are going to be shifting traffic lanes over, and we are going to have some reduction of lanes,” Clifford said. “There will be two lanes of traffic in each direction during daytime hours. In the evenings after 8 or 9 at night, they can reduce to one lane in each direction."

If the weather cooperates the project is slated to be finished by Dec. 31 of this year.