LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Some members of the violent gang known as Victory Park Crips, that was notorious especially during the 1990s, have been arrested.Victory Park Crips were around when I was a police officer, and they're still around,” said former Louisville Police Officer, now Councilman, David James.

Five people were arrested that were either members or associated with the Victory Park Crips. The investigation was led by Louisville Metro Police’s Intelligence Joint Task Force, as well as ATF, the DEA and the FBI.

One of the suspects in this investigation is Shelby Strong who made several legal purchases of several guns from a local gun shop and local sporting goods store, then, along with four other suspects, conspired to funnel those guns to Victory Park Crips members and other convicted felons.

“Every day it seems we are coming up with some new gang names and lots of times, we are finding those affiliations are just shifting, from one gang to another,” said LMPD Chief Steve Conrad during a Wednesday afternoon press conference.

James told WHAS11 News he calls these type of gang members ‘fringe members’ and said technology and social media have played a large role in the growth of gangs.

“In order to recruit members, in order to do deals, they recruit on YouTube and Facebook and all of those things, so they've changed in that way,” he explained.
James also said the attitude of gang members seems to have changed since the 90s.

“They seem to be less afraid of dying, and less concerned about shooting somebody, killing somebody, then it was back then.”

He said the arrest of a few members of the crips is one step toward getting the violence under control.

“I think putting together the Elemental Task Force that was started this time last year is a good step in that direction.”

Only 10 of the 31 guns in this investigation have been recovered, therefore 21 of them are still on the street.