LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- How many votes will it take to remove Dan Johnson from Louisville's Metro Council? Who will sit on the council court to serve as judge and jury?

It appears there is no simple answer and it's something the council court can't answer yet.

"At present time, we believe it is two-thirds of the council court for removal. We anticipate that people may make motions on that. So, it'll be the party litigating that will be decide what that ultimately is, but the council court will be voting on the removal," said Matt Golden with the Jefferson County Attorney's Office.

Johnson's attorney, Thomas McAdam, told council members he plans to call some of them as witnesses. It's still up in the air if those members will be allowed to sit on the court during the proceedings. Longtime council member Cheri Bryant Hamilton is part of the council's judiciary process.

"As a member of the council court, if there would be a separation of witnesses, I don't know if I am on a list or not," she said referring to whether or not she could be on the witness list.

Johnson's fate could be in the hands of as many as 20 council members. Those not able to vote are the five charging committee members, including Angela Leet and Jessica Green who has accused Johnson of grabbing her rear-end at a public event this summer.

State law and city law aren't in agreement about who makes up the two-thirds needed to unseat Johnson. State law says there must be a vote of two-thirds of the total number of legislative council members. City law states there needs to be two-thirds of the total number of members of the council court.