LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- The vote was unanimous and to the point.

"Mr. Johnson's office is deemed vacant," read the Metro Council clerk.

Metro Councilman Dan Johnson was removed from public office by a 3-0 triumvirate vote. Johnson faced sexual harassment allegations, including dropping his pants in front of his co-workers and groping councilwoman Jessica Green.

"We acted expeditiously and deliberately. And we are confident in where we stand today," said Councilwoman and co-chair Barbara Sexton Smith.

Earlier this month, metro council members voted to allow Johnson to keep his seat, but with restrictions. It included only being allowed at Metro Hall for 20 minutes before, during and after meetings. However, surveillance video shows Johnson inside metro hall beyond his allotted time on the night of November first.

"This oversight body has reviewed the video showing Dan Johnson at the basement of city hall. The video indicates Dan Johnson loitered in the building in the basement elevators," the metro council clerk read.

The committee also found Johnson violated metro employee ethics by posting on Facebook, 'I won my battle at the council' - the day after the vote.

"There is no mention for a win for the city. Or saving taxpayer dollars. Simply a win for him," said committee member and Councilman Rick Blackwell.

People living in district 21 are looking for a fresh start, while also appreciating the work Johnson did for them, including building 14 miles of sidewalks in their neighborhood. But, the charges of sexual harassment changed their views.

"You can do all the great things in the world, but when something like that pops up, that you're doing something like that, it just sweeps everything under the table," said resident Rusty Hall.

Councilwoman Angela Leet released this statement about the decision, "Individuals must set boundaries in the workplace and when those boundaries are crossed, we have to trust that there is a system in place to protect us rather than a system that penalizes victims."

The metro council clerk's office is taking resumes from people in district 21 looking to fill Johnson's seat. From the clerk:

All persons interested in filing for the 21st District Metro Council seat, who meet the criteria stated above in KRS 67C.103(5-6), should submit a resume via US Postal Service or email to the Clerk of the Louisville Metro Council no later than close of business day on November 28, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. The postmark date will be the date stamp for USPS mail. Resumes sent via email will receive confirmation from the Clerk. Please include all contact information on submitted resumes.

Mayor Fischer released this statement:

“Our community must have confidence that harassment and discrimination of any kind is not tolerated.

I appreciate the Council for its deliberation and insistence on member accountability.

I encourage the body to quickly seat a new councilmember so the people of District 21 have representation on Metro Council.”