LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Just days after Metro Council spelled out an agreement to keep Dan Johnson on the council in wake of sexual harassment allegations, a panel is meeting to decide if he violated the order.

Barbara Sexton Smith, Barbara Shanklin and Rick Blackwell make up the three-person panel charged with reviewing Dan Johnson's conduct for the remainder of his term.

Last Wednesday Johnson agreed to follow strict guidelines while keeping his seat on the council. But only two days later the first complaint was filed against him and on Sunday, a second was filed.

After deliberating behind closed doors for more than two hours, the council committee emerged with no news except that they had violated a statute of Kentucky state law.

"We believe that the meeting today was not properly noticed,” Sexton Smith said.

Under the Open Meetings Act, "special meetings" may be called but the agency must give written notice including the date, time, location and agenda of the meeting at least 24 hours before its scheduled.

In this case, no notice was given until media agencies started making calls Monday morning.

"The emergency meeting today we felt was necessary to get advice from our lawyers on how to proceed,” Sexton Smith said.

The Monday morning meeting was intended to discuss the complaints and decide if they were grounds for removal but for now, that discussion will be held on Tuesday 4 p.m.