LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to Kentuckiana was met with cheers and jeers.

His push to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act received some push back from a large group of anti-President Trump protesters who lined the streets leading to Harshaw Trane in Jeffersontown.

“I couldn’t stand on the sidelines any longer when the vice president is coming a few miles within my house,” said Clarence Merk.

Clarence Merk brought his sound system and his love for his country. He could be seen dancing through the crowds. He believes healthcare isn’t a Democratic or Republican issue, but an American one that should not be taken lightly. “Our president is supposed to lead the world and we have so many problems looming at us,” he told WHAS11.

The number of people who demonstrated who want to keep the Affordable Care Act heavily outnumbered those who do not. Healthcare wasn’t the only reason for the protest. Anita Pettit drove from New Albany, Indiana to lend her voice to supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. “I think there is no disputing that our legal system definitely is predisposed to incarcerating black people. So we need to change that,” Pettit said.

Supporters of the current administration took a different tone. “Obamacare is falling apart and they want to keep it sustainable for a long time to come,” said Jeffrey Bryant.

He and a handful of others want to see the ACA get the ax. He claims it’s too expensive and crippling the economy.

“The goal is to keep this moving to support President Trump so he can keep America safe, keep America strong and prosperous,” he explained.