LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS 11)--Workers are out trying to clean up a mess caused by a water main break.

The water main break happened early Tuesday morning in the Shelby Park area of Jackson, Oak, and Clay Streets affecting downtown restaurants, and hospitals.

A boil water advisory is in effect, meaning you don't have to boil your water but it's not a bad idea.

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The 48-inch pipe that burst is one of the city's biggest and oldest.

Put into service in 1893, it carries millions of gallons of water.

When something that massive breaks, it's no surprise you'll see results like this.

Cars were submerged and the streets were consumed by water, with many neighbors telling us it was like something straight out of a movie.

It took crews about nine hours to get all of the valves shut off, and it's no easy task.

It can take up to 900 turns to get just one turned off, and Louisville Water had to do that with more than 15 valves Tuesday.

The company also says there are 4200 miles of pipes in the city and tells WHAS there are actually water main breaks every day.

But, they're usually happening with much smaller pipes, and we never know because the water can quickly be rerouted.

Louisville Water says it won't know what caused the break until crews have a chance to get in and look at it.

Anybody who experienced low water pressure should be back up to speed as well.

NOTE: The American Red Cross has opened a shelter for those affected by the Shelby Park water main break. That facility is located at Sojourn Community Church and the address is 1303 South Shelby Street. This is to give residents a safe place to stay.