LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- They are the Highlands’ most congested and heavily traveled streets - Bardstown and Baxter. Traffic tie-ups are a regular outside Loran Thompson's business.

"It just ends up backlogging and all those fumes come right into the shop," he said of Woody's Barber Shop.

Part of the problem is illegally parked cars that sit on the side of the road during morning and afternoon rush hours. Thompson says it's a constant concern for drivers who have to stop and swerve around parked cars which are parked in violation of signs that limit parking to certain hours.

"When I first started working here, we didn't expect it. We hear the tire screech and such," Thompson explained.

Metro Councilman Brandon Coan wants to put the brakes on those who park illegally. He started the “I Can Get You a Tow” campaign this summer. "For some, it's just a traffic headache. For others, they may have been in close calls or accidents because of a car that is in a traffic lane. It's something we can avoid and we should," Councilman Coan told WHAS11.

August was a month of educating. September is a month of warnings, followed by what Coan calls a towing blitz in October. "We thought we need to explain to people what you're doing.Tell them why it's important. So, after a month of education, another month of warning, October will be a month of action," Councilman Coan said.

It's also a relief for Thompson who hopes the towing decreases the chances of crashes. "So, you slam on your breaks before you tail end a parked car and then you sit there and have to wait five minutes before someone lets you over," he said.