LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- A Louisville Metro Councilwoman walked out of the Democratic caucus meeting in tears Thursday evening, frustrated that she cannot see the results of a sexual assault investigation that involves her.

"I need some closure,” Green said, her voice full of emotion. “I'm sick and tired of this hanging over my head every single day.”

Councilwoman Jessica Green recently accused Johnson of grabbing her backside during a group photo. Johnson called the incident an accident and later threatened to sue Green for slander and defamation.

In a tearful plea, Green urged caucus leadership to release their investigative report the claim.

"I am a real person,” said Green. “I am not unlike your wives, your sisters, your mothers, your daughters, your girlfriends who you would want resolution for in a timely manner."

Caucus Chair Bill Hollander said Johnson was given a copy of the leadership's investigation and recommendations on Wednesday, saying party rules allow a certain amount of “due process” -- giving Johnson two weeks to respond before any disciplinary actions are taken.

“Before that [report] is sent to the caucus as a whole, the member in question shall be given 14 days,” said Hollander, as he read the policy aloud. “I wish that we could be done with this today but I think we need to follow the rules.”

Council President David Yates proposed an emergency resolution that would create a temporary sexual harassment policy to protect council members and their staff by adopting Metro Government’s sexual harassment policy while council members tailored its own policy.

Green accused Yates of putting a bandage on a serious problem, saying the issue of sexual harassment needs a comprehensive policy rather than a “hasty” stop-gap. She and Councilwoman Angela Leet have been working to develop a permanent policy, which she says is ready to be reviewed by a committee.

Yates pulled his sponsorship of the resolution during the council meeting, killing the proposed policy.