LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- A Louisville Metro Councilman is defending his actions.

"I don't think it was deceiving,” said Metro Councilman David James.

James told WHAS11 News he found an ID and used it to get into Smoketown's Vapor Spa to see what activity was taking place after hearing complaints from neighbors that it was a sex club.

“I thought if I used my name that I may not be able to gain access to find out what's actually going on there,” he said. “Had I not been able to actually see what was going on in there, we would have to depend on him saying, ‘no, nothing is going on there, this is a spa, health club,’ which in fact it's not.’”

The business operator, George Stinson said James has been attacking his business for the last year, wrongly calling it a sex club.

James described what he said he saw when visiting.

“You go downstairs to where there is many, many rooms, some of which are open, some of which are closed. Many of the ones that are open have people inviting them in to have sex with them, or you see other people in there having sex with other people,” James said.

What he describes is not illegal.

Vapor Spa is a part of a bigger development looking to expand. In order to do that, they needed to get zoning approved by Metro Council. James addressed his concerns with the business before the council voted.

“The issue for me is whether we want to allow it in a community or not,” James said at the meeting.

The operator of Vapor Spa believes James just doesn't like the way he does business.

“I don't think he is appreciative of the concerns that some people have,” said James.

Council members voted to approve the zoning for the 20 million dollar project. Construction will continue. James did abstain from voting, but wants to further address whether or not sex clubs in general should be allowed in Louisville.