LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Terry Meiners got up close and personal with Councilman Dan Johnson during a radio show.

“He's got a belt on...and I can't pull his pants,” Terry Meiners tugged at the councilman’s pants.

After a series of allegations, Councilman Johnson appeared on Terry Meiners' Radio Show, blaming a pants-dropping incident on a failed belt.

“I've had a thin waist and a full waist and it depends on where I was at as to what might've happened but I sure don't remember it,” said Councilman Dan Johnson, District 21.

An aide to Councilwoman Angela Leet claims that about a year ago, Councilman Johnson dropped his pants when the two were in the Metro Hall parking lot.

“I fixed that by getting a better belt,” Johnson said.

But Johnson says he doesn't remember that even happening. Most recently, Councilwoman Jessica Green made claims Johnson grabbed her rear-end during a photo-op. The Councilman says they were all standing very close for the photo.

“When I moved my arm away to put it towards her shoulder, it landed on her backside. And I did not do it on purpose,” Johnson said.

Greater Louisville, Inc went as far as banning Johnson from all of their events. Staffers say he propositioned them to come to his hotel room at an event in Austin, Texas.

“I suggested to everybody at the table that they were welcome to come up to my room and have a glass of margarita with me,” Johnson said referring the GLI event.

Johnson says he doesn't remember anything further happening that night but can't explain his memory loss.

“Do you have a drinking problem?” Meiners asked,

“No,” Johnson responded.

“Has anyone ever told you you have a drinking problem?” Meiners asked again.

“No. And I don't,” Johnson said.

The councilman says there is no way he will resign from his position.

Metro Council issued a statement saying Councilman Johnson could not seek re-election. When asked about that he now says he probably won't run again.