LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – There were officers. There were residents. But the councilman who organized this meeting, he was nowhere to be found.

Metro Councilman Dan Johnson urged his constituents in a press release to be at the meeting tonight with Chief Steve Conrad to give feedback on their community policing plans. But the councilman was a no show after recent controversy.

WHAS11 brought the story to you first about Councilman Johnson no longer welcome at GLI events.

GLI sent out another statement tonight. It says in part, "Inappropriate or unprofessional behavior and comments are never welcome at GLI events. GLI took strong and appropriate action when we learned of this specific incident and consider the matter closed as it relates to our organization."

WHAS11 first went to Metro Council president David Yates late Tuesday for comment. At the time he told us, this was all just political.

On Wednesday, he said "During a discussion with a GLI employee it was conveyed to me that an individual was offended by a statement or statements that Councilman Johnson made one evening in a social setting in Austin, Texas." It continues by saying "Although Councilman Johnson maintained that he did not believe that his words warranted such action he agreed to avoid any and all future GLI functions.”

But Councilman Johnson told us on Tuesday "I have not talked to GLI about any situation involving their organization, so there is nothing to comment on."

On Wednesday, he still said he had not been contacted personally by GLI. But he did say "It is certainly not in my character to be offensive, so I do apologize if I came across that way in Austin." Johnson's statement goes on to say, "I wish someone had brought this to my attention a month ago so I could have apologized. I will honor GLI’s request so now that this has been settled, it’s time for all of us to move forward."

Councilman Yates also said in his statement that both GLI and the council did not want to see any further action regarding this incident and they request that the incident remain private.