LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Hours after five Metro Council Members announced they are moving forward with proceedings to remove Dan Johnson from Metro Council, he announced he will be taking a 90-day medical leave.

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A Metro Council spokesperson confirms Johnson told Metro Council President David Yates that he will be taking the family/medical leave sometime on Thursday. It’s still unclear when that leave will begin.

As for the council charging committee, they said they are ready to move forward with the formal process for removal.

Attorney Deborah Kent said, "It's clear that there's a problem and it's clear that something is dreadfully wrong and must be fixed. The problem will not fix itself."

The problem she's referring to is Metro Councilman Dan Johnson. Johnson has been under fire for months after accusations of sexual misconduct.

The Democratic Caucus requested Johnson resign by August 1, but he didn't, so they're taking action.

"The five of us have formed a charging committee to request that our colleagues remove Councilman Dan Johnson from office,” Councilwoman Jessica Green said.

The process unfolding now is much like a trial- with the charging committee acting as the prosecutor, and bringing charges against Dan Johnson.

Johnson, as the defendant, also has the opportunity to fight back when the hearing goes in front of the council.

"Make no mistake about it, these are uncharted waters,” Kent said.

In the past, two other Metro Council members have undergone the removal process, but Kent said it’s never been initiated by council members who say enough is enough.

Green said, “We believe that there has been a pattern of increasingly and escalating behavior that gives us great concern about his ability to continue to serve with us."

In the end, the majority will decide. Each council member will vote individually to decide Johnson's future as an elected official.

The entire process could take 120 days.