LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Louisville Metro Councilman Dan Johnson was noticeably absent from Thursday night's Metro Council meeting, but later he explained his leave of absence on Twitter.

Just hours before, a charging committee announced plans to begin the formal removal process against Johnson, who faces allegations of sexual harassment from two metro council employees.

Councilwoman Angela Leet is one of the five metro council members on the committee.

"It's not a comfortable place for any one of us to be," she told WHAS11.

Johnson says he's taking a medical leave because of severe neck pain. Leet says she's seen Johnson wearing a neck brace and working at Metro Hall before and questions the timing of his leave. "Maybe something happened to him yesterday that would be quite unfortunate. I wouldn't wish that on anyone, but the timing does seem suspect," Leet said.

Whether Johnson qualifies for paid medical leave is still unclear; however, The Department of Labor says elected officials are not covered. Council members don't receive sick days, paid vacation or overtime. They are considered part-time. Johnson's part time yearly salary is $47,833. Leet says Johnson's decision to temporarily step aside won't slow down the process of trying to unseat him.

"We plan to move ahead from our side to proceed with being able to provide all the evidence necessary in our case," Leet said.