LOUISVILLE -- Vitalis Lanshima and the Jefferson County Board of Education have reached a settlement agreement to forgo the Tribunal Hearing and rescind his termination letter. Councilman Lanshima will return to his duties as a special education instructor no later than January 3, 2018.

Councilman Lanshima said “This is a welcomed development. I look forward to continuing to positively impact the lives of my students as we prepare them to become productive members of society. District 21 deserves fresh and renewed leadership, and that is what I pledge to provide residents of the district.”

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Lanshima stated that “The role that labor unions and labor contracts play to ensure that workers are treated fairly and provided with due process is under appreciated. That’s important because, given a similar circumstance without strong representation from the Jefferson County Teachers Association, it would have been expensive and practically impossible for me to be given due process.”