LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Just a little girl and her very large inflatable Santa Claus. It's a bond that started last year for two-year-old Anniston Clark.

“She tells it goodnight every night. Whenever it's deflated during the day we tell her he's sleeping and it's just a really big deal with her. It's her favorite decoration,” said Zach Clark, the father.

But her strong bond and Christmas spirit were almost deflated over the weekend when the Clarks came home and Santa was missing.

“When I pulled in the driveway she told me, 'Santa Claus is gone!'” Zach said.

Santa had been stolen. Anniston's mom, Kristina posted about the theft on Facebook. It was shared nearly 50 times and the post caught the attention of a complete stranger.

“It just touched my heart and I just wanted to do something for the family. I didn't know this little girl but now I've got my little friend,” said Tracy McCord Hall.

Tracy bought the last inflatable Santa on the shelf at Ollie's and hand delivered it to the Clark's on Wednesday.

“It's just exciting because when Anniston goes outside and sees the Santa Claus again I want to see her reaction,” said Kristina Clark, mother.

Anniston stood in amazement, hardly containing her excitement. This year Santa will be making his list and checking it twice and Tracy will certainly make the nice list.