LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – They may look like ordinary shoe boxes but what they’ve been providing Hardin County foster children for the last two years is irreplaceable.

“I had a response from one lady who was in foster care and she told me, ‘I can remember getting a shoebox at Christmas and how much it meant to me.’ So it makes your heart feel good to know they’ve touched these children,” Marta Faulkner, Shoebox Christmas creator, said.

Faulkner’s program is aimed at providing essentials and a few gifts for children in foster care.

“Something pulled at my heartstrings to want to help these kids who are pulled out of their homes at a time when it should be about family and Christmas and stuff,” she said.

The boxes are gender and age specific – and she hand collects donations or buys them herself. They include toiletries, coloring books, toys, winter wear and other items.

“Something that is their own – their personal items that they can take with them into these foster homes,” she said.

Faulkner is in her second year and delivered 100 shoe boxes last year. Her goal this year, 294 which is the current caseload in all of Hardin County.

She says country legend Dolly Parton’s management team, Papa John’s and the Smarties candy company are all on board.

Faulkner says they are still in need for donations including soap, deodorant, small toys for young boys and girls and shoe boxes.

The deadline for donations is November 26.

For more information on Shoebox Christmas, click here.