RADCLIFF, Ky. (WHAS11) -- With no family to claim him, a community is coming together to support a slain Army veteran.

After 71-year-old Norman Hall was murdered in his own home last month he had no family to claim his body.

He only had 3 distant cousins still alive, and they found out about his death after reading about it online

However, that didn't stop the Fort Knox community from rallying and giving Hall a hero’s goodbye.

After a 22-year career in the Army MSgt. 72-year-old Norman Hall was senselessly killed during a robbery in his own home.

“He was in his own apartment, doing what he had fought to do,” said the Chaplain. “Nothing!”

“He died a tragic death,” SGM. William Pendleton. “It was an unnecessary death. He went to Vietnam and served ten tours only to come home and pay the ultimate sacrifice at home for our freedom.”

MSgt. Hall may have died alone in his Radcliff home, but his service to this country will never be forgotten.

Today, MSgt. Hall was buried alongside thousands of his brothers and sisters in arms in a service that still echoes through the hollowed grounds.

“Anybody who has served in any time of need we’re going to come together and be there for support,” said SGM. Pendleton.

What family MSgt. Hall had consisted of three distant cousins who didn’t know what to expect when they arrived from their Somerset home.

“It was really a surprise,” said cousin Pearl Rose. “I know they told me there would be a lot here, but I didn’t realize it would be this many, but we’re blessed.”

Many of these people never met MSgt. Hall in life, they hope to leave him with this message after his death.

“Happy sailing,” said Navy Veteran Charles O’Bryan. “I’m sure it’s a nice road he’s traveling.”

“Thank you for your service,” said Troy Squire.

“Brother you are not forgotten, and we’ll see you soon,” said SGM. Pendleton.

For those of you interested in paying your respects to MSgt. Hall or any other veteran laid to rest at the Kentucky Veterans Cemetery the grounds are open to the public, however, weekends are reserved for family members so they can visit in peace and quiet.