LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – A final journey for a fallen hero and visitors from around country in Louisville.

“You're going to see a lot of tears tomorrow.  And you're going to see tears from people who might not have known Nick because it's just that overall sentiment that you feel when you lose someone like this,” Lt. Col. Michael John, Cincinnati Police Department, said.

Officer Nick Rodman died on Wednesday after he was hit head on during a police chase.  First responders from around the country are expected to follow Officer Rodman to his final resting place. 

“It's a support system.  It's what we have to do to get each other through these funerals.  It's just heartbreaking,” Lt. Col. John said.

It's an 11-mile drive from Southeast Christian Church to Cave Hill cemetery. It won't take long to drive but it will leave a lasting impression for many along the route.

It’s going to be like all the cops, his friends, his family are going to be trying to support him so I think it's going to be great--a great moment to make everybody together,” Jose Alas, a Zaxby’s manager, said.

Miles that will turn into unforgettable moments, bringing Officer Rodman--husband, father, and hero--to his final resting place.

“We're proud of you.  We're proud of him.  We thank you.  And let's hope this is the last one,” Susan Conway, Fante’s Coffee Shop, said.

The funeral will begin at 11 a.m. at Southeast Christian on Tuesday.  Officer Rodman will then be laid to rest at Cave Hill Cemetery.  You can watch live on channel 11.1 and on Facebook.