LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Despite the frigid air on January 1, members of North Central Church of Christ withstood the cold to help their community.

Tables lined up on the sidewalk of 2nd and Broadway downtown, as some of the congregation served homemade chili, warm soup, and even some dessert to Louisville's less fortunate.

“You meet different types of people with different types of lives. Some people got it, some people don't have it,” said Catherine Bell who stood at the end of the table handing out gloves and hats to those who dropped by.

“We're going on probably our fourth or fifth pot of chili and soup right now,” said the church's Pastor, Jesse Murrah, Jr. “You can talk to the talk but when you get out here in 2-degree weather or whatever it is today, you start doing it like this, you're walking the walk.”

Walking the walk is exactly what 10-year-old Evelyn Smith is doing, as well. Helping the homeless was on her Christmas list.

“I get stuff and they don't really do, so I'm giving it back to them,” she explained.

She's not associated with North Central Church of Christ, but saw the crowd of people and made 2nd and Broadway one of her many stops this New Year's Day, where she handed out her bag of joy filled with a blanket, socks and some food.

“Just thankful to get anything right now, being out here on the street is hard,” said John Flynn, who has been homeless in Louisville for about four months.

With 364 days left in the year, young Evelyn is already thinking of more ways to help.

“I might save my money and buy stuff for the homeless.”

It's a powerful start to a new year for these folks with North Central Church of Christ as well, and certainly not the end of their good will.

Pastor Murrah told WHAS 11 News that North Central Church of Christ helps the needy several times a year, especially during the holidays when fewer places are open.