LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – The long goodbye to fallen LMPD officer Nick Rodman continued Monday with visitation services.

From hundreds lining the procession to the funeral home Saturday to a candlelight vigil Sunday, the community show of support continues as law enforcement, family friends, and community members gathered to mourn to the Rodman family.

Officer Rodman was killed in the line of duty last Wednesday. He was joining a police chase for a domestic violence suspect when his car and the suspect’s vehicle crashed at 26th and Duncan Streets.

"It's very sad to hear all the work that he's done and the family that he has raised to this point and that he has got such a young daughter and toddler and it just it's sad to hear the news that it happened and it hit really close to our community. Holy Cross is a very close community and everybody has been affected by it," Mary Rose Weiter, who taught Officer Rodman at Holy Cross High School, said. 

Weiter says even in high school, Rodman's pride in being from a law enforcement family shined through and he knew wanted to follow in his dad's footsteps and become an officer. 

"Every day when he would come I into the room knowing his Dad was an officer it might have been scary but he was proud, you could tell that he was proud of his father and knew what he wanted to do as he got older that he wanted to be a police officer too and serve the community as well," Weiter said.

The community he served asked to continue to show their support by lining the funeral procession route for a family and department still grieving 

"Making signs, holding flags, just something as simple as putting your hand over your heart as the motorcade passes, that will show, all the law enforcement personnel in the procession and certainly the Rodman family, that the community stands behind them, and I think that is very important," Eric Johnson, executive director of Supporting Heroes, said.

Johnson says along with the visible support, there are things behind the scenes to honor Rodman. An honor guard has kept vigil at Officer Rodman's side 24 hours a day since just before he passed away. 

"There are a lot of honors that are being bestowed upon Officer Rodman and many of them are visible and then a lot of them aren’t but we don’t render honors because people are watching, we don’t do it for the show, we do it because that is what he deserves," Johnson said.