LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – The search for answers continues after 6 people were shot at a concert early Sunday morning, a promising U of L student and Ballard High School graduate was killed in the gunfire.

Twenty-year-old Savannah Walker was shot and killed, her friends told Savannah's father she tried to help others.

“Highly charismatic kid, very respectful and just funny. You know, I'm hard on my kids but I couldn't get mad at her. She was one of those – that if something went wrong, she'd tell a joke or do something to make me laugh,” Dr. Ricky Jones, Chair, Pan African Studies Department recalled.

Dr. Jones says he taught Walker in his “Black Political Thought” class last year.

“I tell my kids every year when they leave for Spring Break, I'm like look, make sure that you come back here as you left. And we lost a member of our family,” he added.

Walker never returned. LMPD says she was shot and killed while attending a concert at The Tim Faulkner Art Gallery early Sunday morning, 5 other people were also hurt.

“You're not supposed to lose a 20-year-old – you’re just not,” Jones states.

College is just like an extended family, meaning the pain is just as real.

“When you lose someone that has their whole life ahead of them. I mean you see a lot but when you lose children like this, it’s tough,” Jones said.

Walker, we're told, was on the Malcolm X debate team, captain of the women's club lacrosse team and a recipient of the Woodford R. Porter scholarship.

“A lot of people talk when things like this happen...oh this kid was living a terrible life, they were doing dope or selling dope or whatever – that was not this kid. As I told somebody yesterday, she was doing everything right,” Jones said.

Walker's family says she lost her mother to pancreatic cancer in mid-February.

A young life cut short, and a campus with a somber mood, trying to adjust to the new normal.

No arrests have been made in this shooting case.

LMPD is asking for those that attended the event to call the anonymous tip line, but also if you're seeing anything on social media or blogs, let detectives know, just call 574-LMPD.