LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Flowers brighten a spot that has created a dark feeling in the Highlands.

“Tramautic. It rocks my security,” a neighbor said.

On Sunday night, Jason Spencer, 30, was shot and killed while he walked down Everett Avenue with his newlywed wife. Pastor George Strunk worked closely with Andrea Ragsdale Spencer.

“We hope that she knows that we feel some of her pain. And as she's tried to do in her ministry, we want to try to alleviate that pain, too,” said Pastor Strunk.

Across town at this vigil, people filed into the Christ Church United Methodist on Brownsboro Road where Jason's wife worked as a youth pastor.

Meanwhile, people who live in the community where Jason died hope to take back their neighborhood and their sense of security.

“It was taken away really quick and you just really think that it would never happen and it did and everyone in the neighborhood was kind of in shock and solemn about it,” said Kim Traylor, neighbor. She joined neighbors and city leaders in this peace walk.

Louisville Metro Police announced increased patrols in the area for the next two weeks.

“I understand whenever there is any kind of injury or harm wherever it is, often fear and anger are normal responses to that,” said Major Aubrey Gregory, LMPD 5th Division.

But this neighborhood has decided not to respond with fear. Instead taking to the streets, knowing there's an extra set of eyes and wheels protecting them.