NEW ALBANY, Ind. (WHAS11) -- Murphy the cat came to the New Albany Floyd County Animal Shelter 13 pounds overweight.

“That's about 130 percent overweight,” said Marilee Snider, the Adoption Coordinator for the New Albany Animal and Control Shelter.

She's cute as can be, sure, but her obesity could've killed her.

“With her weight as severe as it was, she could've easily died within a year or two,” said Snider.

But after two months of daily workouts, including kitty crunches and long walks, Murphy has already lost three pounds.

Murphy isn't just helping herself, but her fellow felines, too. Her weight loss inspired the New Albany Floyd County Animal Shelter to offer ‘Chubby Cat’ discounts, where every cat at the shelter will have $1 taken off the $20 adoption fee for every pound they weigh.

“If you get a four pound cat, that’s four dollars off your adoption. If you get a ten pound cat, that's ten dollars off your adoption,” Snider explained.

The shelter is overcrowded with cats and the mission is to find them homes so they can make room for more.

“It's a fantastic way just to help spread Murphy's message and to get some cats some great homes,” said Snider.

So the bigger the cat, the bigger the discount. Murphy weighs in at a bold and beautiful 20 pounds and is free, along with a free bag of special food and a gift certificate to Feeder’s Supply.

“She's getting more confident, she always waits at the door ready for her time to run,” said Snider.

The weight loss has been a community effort, with donations from the Floyd County Animal Rescue League and volunteers helping with the workouts.