LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- A familiar face was found on video from the WHAS11 archives dating back to 1995. The now Louisville Metro Police Chief Steve Conrad walked former LMPD officer Tommy Watson to his police car. Twenty-two years later Chief Conrad answered questions about the case in a sworn deposition.

“I was a newly promoted captain in 1995. I had not had any interaction with him. I had no idea what the substance of the matter was,” said Chief Conrad.Watson was charged with two counts of sexual abused in 1995 after a 17-year-old girl alleged Watson pushed her down and tried to have sex with her. Then another 22-year-old woman came forward claiming Watson had molested her five years prior. Watson ended up taking a deal, pleading guilty to lesser charges and getting 90 days of home incarceration. There's no record that says his two accusers were Explorers.

“I was given the direction--because he worked in the police district that I was taking over--I was given the duty to give him his notice of intent to terminate. I know that the matter involved an Explor---“ Chief Conrad’s lawyer stopped him from continuing his sentence.But that case wouldn't be the last of the sexual abuse allegations for LMPD that Chief Conrad would see. A year into his promotion as chief, an investigation into former Officer Kenneth Betts. Attorney Thomas Clay questioned the chief about that investigation during the deposition

“Did you become aware of that complaint?” Clay asked.

“Yes, sir,” Conrad replied.
“Was there an investigation initiated?”
“Were you briefed about the specifics about what that investigation involved?”
“Yes, sir.”

In 2013 Betts was accused of sending inappropriate text messages to a female in the Explorer program. That investigation lasted from 2013 until 2014 when Betts resigned. Conrad says in the deposition he was briefed on the investigation before it ended when Betts resigned.