Sometimes it can be the simplest thing to bring people together. We are continuing our series on the 9th street divide and how people are showing the community all that West Louisville has to offer.

A man who says he was once a part of the problem now says he wants to be a part of the solution.

“I was one of the guys out here doing the nonsense running around with the wrong crowds and I almost lost my life doing it. I took gunfire,” said LaFon Brown of Mopar Muscle Car Club. Brown survived being shot and wants to give back to his neighborhood.

“Different people from different walks of life from all areas of Louisville come together for one cause to make sure this city moves forward in the best possible way,” said Brown.

LaFon Brown organized Mopar Muscle, a car club in Louisville. Its mission is to bring new faces to the West End and help young people who may be on the wrong path.

“As one of the oldest members of the group, it’s up to me to reach back to the younger kids to make sure they don’t fall into the same traps that we fell into,” said Lenart Tinsely, Mopar Muscle member.

“A peaceful unit that wants to basically bring peace back to the community,” said Marquist Northington, Mopar Muscle member.

They say peace starts with everyone being involved, especially those that haven't crossed 9th street.

“I've never been here. It's nice. It's quiet. It's homely. It’s a good place it seems like,” said Damien Phillips.

And now he's seen the community. They want others to experience it too.

“The West End of Louisville is not as its being portrayed. We have solid people we have good people in our community,” said Tinsley.

This group says cars can be an equalizer. It's one thing in common they hope leads to change.

The car club often starts out in Shawnee Park and moves to other parts of the community.iIf you are interested in getting involved they have an informational meeting coming up on Sept 16th at Louisville Dodge on Dixie Highway.