LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- The crime tape went up, along with the sun on Friday morning, after police said a cab driver was shot around 6 a.m.

“It was definitely a turn of events today,” said one neighbor who wanted to remain anonymous.

It happened on the 4900 block of Carver Court, across from Newburg Middle School. The neighbor said he heard a single shot fired, and then a horn honking.

“It just seemed like someone was laying on the horn, and it wasn't a regular horn honk, it was just like someone was maybe, possibly signaling for help.”

Police say the driver of the Taxi 7 cab will survive, as they look for two men believed to be involved.

Police were unable to tell WHAS11 News what led up to the shooting, and are trying to determine if it was random.

The shooting has other cab drivers in Louisville on edge.

“The next fair you pick up could be the end of your life,” said Wayne Oakes with Green Cab, another company in Louisville.

Oakes told WHAS11 Newshe's been driving a cab for 15 years and explained how important it is to always be on alert when picking up strangers.

“[You] got to be a good judge of character, if you think something is wrong, you have to have the nerve to refuse it or drive off or cancel that fair,” he said. “It's scary and disheartening, yes. Nothing you can really do to avoid it. You can put alarms, you can put cameras, you can have good instinct, and still, somebody can hurt you.”

To try and be proactive, drivers at Green Cab have several meetings a year where they discuss awareness and learn from past mistakes.

“We say look, this is what happened to this guy, how can we avoid that if it happens to one of us,” Oakes said.

Oakes said there are security measures in place, like the equipment in each cab.

“We put front and rear facing cameras in the car and we have panic buttons, and we train the drivers on what to do in certain situations.”

Anyone with information on Friday morning's shooting can call 574-LMPD.