LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – A female JCPS bus driver is recovering from her injuries after allegedly being assaulted this morning by a parent.

Police were called to Blake Elementary in Okolona Monday morning, the bus driver's union says the woman got on the bus, pulled the driver off and started hitting her.

"They're only doing their job, they're picking your kids up, taking them to school, bringing them back home to in a safe and efficient manner, there's no justification once so whatever they should be physically assaulted by a parent," John Stovall said.

Stovall is president of Teamsters Local 783 which is the union that represents JCPS bus drivers.

He says the district has an agreement to provide a safe workplace for drivers.

According to Stovall, the bus driver told him the female parent was upset that the bus driver would not pick her child up from somewhere other than the designated bus stop.

Monday morning, while some kids were still on board, Stovall says the parent got onto the bus, dragged the driver off and then assaulted her.

"It’s not okay for those things to happen, and kids are like sponges, they're going to see that and think its okay," Mary Ann Dewitt, a parent, said.

"We need the district, when something happens like this to step up, it's their responsibility to provide a safe workplace for their employees and they need to step up if all this is true and make sure this parent is prosecuted to the full extent of the law," Stovall added.

Dewiitt says, "I feel bad for the bus drivers, they do have to deal with a lot of unnecessary things and I do believe that security should be a bigger issue so this kind of thing doesn't happen again."

Officials with JCPS released a statement regarding the incident:

"JCPS cannot comment on pending investigations, however, there is no question JCPS is taking this matter seriously and is working tirelessly to provide a safe environment for all employees and students."

The driver was taken by ambulance to the Medical Center Jewish Southwest.

Dewitt says she didn't' know about the assault until WHAS11 News asked her for an interview, so she's also upset that Blake Elementary did not make parents aware of what happened.

We have not been told about any arrests in this case.