LOUISVILLE (WHAS) -- A woman working in her backyard near the Beechmont neighborhood with her father discovered that her garage had been broken into around 3 p.m. on Wednesday. When she entered her garage after doing yard work, she noticed that items had been moved around. She then saw the female suspect attempting to open the garage bay door to escape.

The suspect fled and the victim chased her down the street, calling for someone to call the police. At the end of the street, the suspect stopped running and instead turned around to face the victim.

The suspect began to walk towards her, slamming her hands together and implying that she would hit the victim, before yelling threats.

Code Enforcement Officers were on the scene and were able to intervene to protect the victim.

When an officer arrived, the suspect began to remove her clothing, including her shirt, bra, and pants, despite orders not to do so. The suspect continued to threaten the victim, stating that she wanted to "kill" the victim and would do so when released.

The suspect was arrested on charges of burglary, terroristic threatening, and indecent exposure.