BULLITT COUNTY, Ky. (WHAS11) – It was a terrifying two hours for one Bullitt County couple after police impersonators forced their way into the couple’s home and robbed them.

Bullitt County Sheriff’s Department deputies said it happened Sunday morning. They arrested 43-year-old Joseph Kean on Monday in connection with the incident.

"We were having breakfast when someone knocked on the door, and I could see a gun, and they were screaming about – it’s the police, open the door,” homeowner Maureen Cundiff said.

Climbing the front steps of the Cundiff's home with guns drawn, police said and another man, dressed in body armor, banged on the front door. Police said they claimed to be LMPD officers and to have a search warrant.

"As soon as I open the door they've got the gun in my face already,” Maureen said.

Maureen Cundiff and her husband Ed said they panicked and gave in to the intruders, who then forced their way into their home, handcuffed them and then locked them in the bathroom.

"I was trying to figure it out- were they real police or not, because some of the things they were doing were just way out of bounds,” Ed said.

"This is where they keep us, sitting in here, actually I was sitting here for I don’t know how long, it seemed like forever,” Maureen said, showing the area where she and her husband were forced to sit.

Two hours later the intruders were gone and the couple screamed out for help. Their family, who lives next door, heard their cries, cut off the handcuffs and then called police.

"The question we've been asking ourselves- why did they pick us? Why us,” Maureen said.

The victims said less than 15 minutes after they called 911, officers were at their doorstep with news they didn’t expect.

Police had a man in custody in connection with the crime. They said he had been driving on I-65 when he crashed into a police vehicle and then the guardrail. According to police, the vehicle he was driving was the victims' and a trailer full of their belongings was attached to the back.

The victims estimate they have more than $70,000 worth of damages, but still, say they can't help but feel lucky.

"We're alive...were alive! That’s all that matters. Everything can be replaced, even if the insurance won’t pay for it or whatever, whatever we get. We're alive! The couple agreed.

Joseph Kean is being held in the Bullitt County Detention Center on a $250,000 cash only bond. In court on Monday, the judge did determine him to be a flight risk and danger to the community.