LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- What started as heartbreak with a water main break at Boys and Girls Haven in Louisville has now turned into something heartwarming with everyone stepping up to help out.

A water main break destroyed the main dining hall and commercial kitchen last week, but an outpouring of support and donations has the organization heading in the right direction.

"The area is totally unusable. We had to shut it down," Steve Luckett, Chief Development Officer for Boys and Girls Haven, said.

The building affected is the oldest building on the Haven campus the one all 42 of the foster children living there use on a daily basis.

But for now, it won't be getting much use at all.

"We started having pipes bursting in the dining hall, our maintenance people responded quickly and started patching the burst, every time they patched a burst we had another burst, that happened 16 times," Luckett said.

Fans are now placed throughout the space, still working to dry it out.

"The ceiling caved in, chairs, tables, floors ruined, equipment was ruined," Luckett said.

Staff and residents are making due by using smaller dining facilities in other dorms and having food catered in. They say they have received donations from restaurants, contractors and people from around the region. So many offers, in fact, they have everything they need to keep the children fed for the time being.

But there's a bigger issue that can't be fixed until they get things back to normal.

Luckett said, "If you think about our kids and what they've been through, having a very comfortable, stable, normal life is very important for the healing process and the growing process."

With the kids at the top of their priority list, the staff is doing what they can and hoping you at home will be willing to help.

"We've known for a while that we need to upgrade the buildings- obviously that is very expensive to do. So you have to make the proper plans. This has really brought that to light," Luckett said.

They are developing a plan to rebuild the entire campus in a three-phase process.

The best way to help at this point in the process is to donate to the rebuilding fund.