LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- You know what Muhammad Ali did for Louisville? You want to know his true legacy?

In death, he got us all focused on the right things in life again. Just think about it. We're coming to the end of a remarkable seven days since his death, and we're talking about respect, humility, helping each other, peace and overcoming odds.

Don't you think that's something!

Especially after day in and day out of shootings, road rage and robberies.

We've all come together in way I've never seen in my hometown, until the day of his memorial and funeral.
One other message finally came clear to me. After working here nearly 30 years, and working here as a high school intern, the very TV station that first interviewed him in 1957, I always heard the speculation, would the champ be buried in Michigan, or would it be Phoenix?

We never really knew where we stood with Ali, or what he truly thought about us. But Lonnie told us clearly at the memorial. Now at the end of this emotional day, we finally know.

He rang the final bell in his great hometown of Louisville, Ky.