LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) - At the corner of Spring and Maple, Jeffersonville's Olde Towne Cash Saver sits in the heart of the city, but its customers know the true heart of the town stands behind its counter.

Cashier Margaret Embry has been ringing up groceries for 25 years.

"I've been here longer than anyone in this store," Margaret said.

A quarter of a century will earn you that distinction. This charismatic cashier is a constant for the countless customers she's served.

"I’ve got customers that brought their little ones in, and now, they’re bringing their little ones in. I love it when they come in, and they joke around and they talk. I've cried with them. I've prayed with them, and I've been to funerals," Margaret said. "Life's too short. I don't like to hear people fussing and carrying on. So, I want them to leave happy."

In all of her time on the job, Ms. Margaret's seen a little bit of everything and everyone.

"Lot of crazy people," Margaret said.

That includes the guy who walked in with more than just his wallet.

"I told him, I said now get out of here. He had this big boa on him. I'm terrified of snakes, so he stepped toward me and I go over the counter," Margaret said.

A booze bandit stirred a similar reaction.

"He walked up, I walked up and pulled his coat back, took it back, and said get out and don't ever come back. Everybody is standing there going he's way bigger than you. I said that's okay, I don't like people to steal," Margaret said. “We’ve worked all of our life for what we got, and why let somebody else walk out the door with it?”

From snakes to shoplifters, she's got quite a story, but a recent routine suggested there's room for another chapter.

"We're picking up like big cases of beer and water and stuff. One day, my back started hurting a little bit, and I thought hey, I've got to have play time, it's out of here," Margaret said.

It won't be an easy goodbye for Ms. Margaret

"Yeah, it's hard," Margaret said.

It will also be difficult for all of her customers. There will be plenty of bittersweet moments before September 7, but make no mistake, Margaret's final check out will be nothing but a celebration.

"They need to have another person here working because that's party day. I'm going out with a bang," Margaret said.