LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Two Bellarmine University wrestling coaches got more than they bargained for at a conference in Florida.

The two men were leaving a wrestling conference when fate made them unlikely heroes.

“Be the best version of yourself,” said head coach Spencer Adams. “That’s what we tell our guys every day.”

On a trip to the National Wrestling Coaches Association conference in Daytona, Florida, Spencer Adams and Brandon Sellers were able to practice what they preach to their team.

“We had our bags packed,” said Adams. “We were loaded down heading to the parking lot. We got about 100 yards away when we heard this lady screaming, ‘He’s got my wallet, he’s got my wallet!’”

“We dropped our bags and just started running,” said assistant coach Brandon Sellers.

“As he turned to run I caught him,” said Adams. “I just took him to the ground, and we held him there until the police came.”

“I was yelling, ‘Watch his hands, Watch his hands,’” said Sellers. “My undergrad was criminal justice, so it’s something that we talked about in school a lot. Afterwards one of the officers told us, they ran the guys ID and everything, and he had done some time for assault with a deadly weapon. That kind of hit us like man this could’ve turned out a little bit different.”

“Looking back at it, that could’ve been a bad situation,” said Adams. “We maybe shouldn’t have done that, but when it’s there in front of you, you just react.”

Their response earned these two unlikely heroes a lifetime of gratitude while also teaching them a life lesson.

“I gave them a big hug,” said Jill Thompson. “I told them they were my heroes. I was really grateful for their help. They actually stuck around for a while after as we filled out the police report. They wanted to make sure I was ok, and safe. I consider myself now friends with these real life super heroes that are disguised as wrestling coaches.”

“I have a new-found respect for police officers,” said Adams. “I’ve always had a lot of respect for law enforcement, but what they do each day they have to do this two or three times a day where we have once in a lifetime where we have to do this.”