LOUISVILLE, Ky. ( WHAS 11) -- Worldport is expecting to process 4 million packages a day in the week before Christmas. That’s more than double its usual volume.

GMK’s Jonathan Wahl got a behind the scenes look at what it takes to make sure you get your packages. He rode along with a UPS driver and even got to wear the iconic brown uniform.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – and the busiest for UPS driver Reggie Jones.

“It varies, anywhere from 250 to 400,” explained Reggie, talking about the average number of packages he delivers every day. “About a hundred and something stops.”

Reggie has worked for UPS for 32 years – 25 years as a full-time driver, making him the perfect person to show Jonathan how the job is done.

“They call those pile numbers, you match that up with the package,” said Reggie, explaining how he uses the UPS digital system to know what packages to take off the truck.

“My favorite part I like about it is when you pull up and you see the smiles on people’s faces when you have their stuff. That’s what I like about it. Especially at this time of year, everybody’s looking for something,” said Reggie.

Making helpers like Jonathan, or better yet, the fully trained ones super important this time of year.

Thankfully Reggie was patient with Jonathan.

“I’m thinking that one should have gone on the bottom,” said Jonathan as he loaded up a cart with packages.

Jonathan still has a lot to learn, but Reggie must see some potential.

“You’re going to be a driver one day,” said Reggie.

Jonathan might just settle for being his driver helper, which is actually a position UPS is hiring for. Extra helpers, and extra overtime for Reggie this holiday season.

“This time of the year, that’s something you’ve got to do,” said Reggie.

You have until December 8th to apply to become a UPS seasonal worker. The company is offering holiday bonuses as high as two hundred dollars a month. If you’re interested you can apply at www.jobs-ups.com.