LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Going straight from high school to the pros is rare and typically reserved for the most elite athletes. Ballard High School grad Jordon Adell fits right into that category as the tenth overall pick in the Major-League Baseball Draft. He was selected by the Los Angeles Angels in June of 2017. At just 18 years young, he's following his dreams while never forgetting his hometown and the importance of giving back.

"These guys are great. I can already see a bunch of good athletes and a bunch of potential out here. They really suck up the knowledge, and it's been a lot of fun already," Adell said.

He's Kentucky's Mr. Baseball 2017, and the list of his honors goes on. This time, the focus isn't on him but on the next generation.

"I have the mindset that if I was ten, eleven years old and there was a guy that came out of my city that made it like I did, I would want to be able to come to a camp and learn you know the ways of how he did stuff and I think it's important that these kids understand that I was right there with them, that I didn't just pop up out of nowhere, that I worked with the guys that were around me,” Adell explained.

He's in Louisville to give, teach and inspire by hosting his Ballard baseball camp kids for ages 10-14.

"Get out of your shell and show the talent that you really have and that goes with anything that goes outside of baseball, if these kids never play baseball again after this camp, I want them to go into life with a bam, knowing that, ‘Hey, this is all I got. This is it, and I'm ready to work from this and forward,’” Adell said.

But what Adell may not know is that his presence is already impacting lives.

"It's exciting. I just want to be just like him, work as hard as him and make it to the MLB,” fourth-grader Kevin Moore said. Adell is his idol.

At the end of the two-day camp, participants received an Adidas t-shirt, player evaluation card, free lunch, and a picture with Adell.