LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – There are tons of places where you can buy school supplies, so WHAS 11 wanted to put a few to the test. We went through a basic JCPS list to compare prices at Walmart, Office Depot, and Family Dollar. Below is what we found.

Final Prices at all 3 stores:

Walmart: 19.51.

Office Depot: 29.78

Family Dollar: 28.36

After going from store to store, Walmart definitely had the best overall prices. Office Depot on the other hand had a lot of affordable store specific brands that would save money if you avoided other items. Family Dollar had a few items with competitive prices, but didn’t have any major savings that we noticed. If you have time, you'd save the most money shopping the specials at more than one store.

Here’s the breakdown per item:


WM: 2.97 (3 Jumbo Elmers Brand)

OD: 1.99 (4 Schoolastic Brand)

FD: 1.00 (3 CraZArt Brand)

Pencils (24 Count Mechanical)

WM: 3.47

OD: 7.99

FD: 5.50 (There were an off brand. Didn’t have 24 pkg, so combined two to make 28 count)

Crayola Crayons (24 Count)

WM: 00.50

OD: 1.89

FD: 1.50

Crayola Markers (10 Count)

WM: 00.97

OD: 3.99

FD: 3.25

Wide Ruled Notebook

WM: 00.25

OD: 00.50

FD: 1.00

Pencil Pouch

WM: 00.97

OD: 1.50

FD: 1.00

2 Pocket Folder

WM: 00.15

OD: 00.15

FD: 00.55


WM: 3.47 (Fiskars Brand)

OD: 00.99 (Store Brand)

FD: 1.00 (2 Pack, Store Brand)

2 Pens

WM: 2.74

OD: 4.49

FD: 2.75

Loose Leaf Paper

WM: 00.82

OD: 1.00

FD: 1.00

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