LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- This weekend is your chance to check out a restored B-17 Flying Fortress bomber, ready to take flight 72 years after its service in World War II.

The Madras Maiden arrived at the Clark County Airport Monday afternoon, a flying museum to educate people about the war and the men and women who served.

Designed in 1935, the B-17 was the largest airplane at the time. The Flying Fortress was known for being well built and able to bring crews home after sustaining lots of damage in battle.

"It became famous for that with the crews. Consequently, I think that rolled over into the Stars and Stripes press and inevitably with Hollywood movies which proliferated that legend even greater degree. Plus, I think people like the name Flying Fortress, you know, the name stuck,” said Bob Hill, volunteer captain of the Madras Maiden.

You can see the Flying Fortress for yourself at the Clark County Airport Saturday and Sunday as part of the Liberty Foundation’s Salute to Veterans tour.

While you do have to pay to fly in the plane, it's free to tour on the ground.