LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- If you’re looking for something new to try, you might find it in NuLu.

In fact, with every order of one particular fish dish at The Mayan Café and Harvest Restaurant, diners are actually helping our environment…helping to save our waterways with every bite.

Silver Carp, or Asian Carp, is on the menu.

At Harvest, the invasive species is currently prepared three ways.

“Crusted in a blue cornmeal,” Executive Chef Patrick Roney shared. “A Silver Carp Nicoise salad,” and finally in a “beet pickled deviled egg that’s stuffed with a smoked carp dip.”

Chef Roney’s carp comes from Lake Barkley.

There, as well as in Kentucky Lake and in the Ohio River, the Asian import is exploding in numbers, threatening native fish as well as boaters.

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They’re nicknamed “Kentucky Flying Fish” because they jump all over the place when boaters go by.

They often strike people out on the water, knocking out teeth and breaking bones.

The iTeam tagged along with a commercial carp fishing crew on one night in June, and the fishermen hauled in 8,000 pounds from the Ohio River, netting more than 35,000 pounds for the week.

A pair of processing plants in the state exports millions of pounds every year overseas.

Whether America gains more of an appetite for carp remains to be seen, but Chef Roney is happy to say Silver Carp, “Oh, that’s gold on my menu.”

It’s one of his most popular dishes.

“I won’t be taking it off [the menu] anytime soon.”