LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- With high temperatures well below freezing and no school, what do you do with your day? If you're on the Trinity High School hockey team, you play pond hockey.

A group of Trinity players took advantage of the frigid day by heading down to a frozen Hays Kennedy Park and lacing up their skates. Zach Cunanan, a defenseman for Trinity, said there was never a doubt about how they would be spending their day.

“Oh, I couldn't sleep. We were out here last night, we knew we were coming back this morning. It's just great to be able to come back out, you know spend the last day of break right.”

On New Year's Day, these guys headed out to the pond and stayed long after sundown, using car headlights to illuminate their makeshift rink.

Farther north, hockey players may take this for granted, but here in Louisville, playing pond hockey is a rare opportunity that these guys weren't going to pass up.

“It's great. Every hockey player should try to do it, it's a real experience. You know you hear all the NHL guys say they always remember the first time of being out on the pond and it's really fun. It's a different experience, and just being out here with a great group of guys really makes the time go by,” Cunanan said.

The outdoor game is a little different than its standard indoor counterpart. Out here there are no pads, no lines and almost no rules. Wooden pallets take the place of goals and the only measure of time is the coldness of your toes. But even frozen feet won't stop these guys from taking advantage of the chance to get out on the pond.

“We'll probably be here, most of us will be around until sundown. So, wake up early, go to bed late. We never really had weather like this before, never really got to take advantage of it, so we're out here doing that right now,” said Cunanan.

When school starts back up and the boys get back in the rink, they'll be setting their sights on the state tournament later this season. In the meantime, you can see them play Oldham County at Iceland Sports Complex this Friday at 6:30 p.m.