(WHAS11) -- It will take a little longer for the cases to move forward against two former Louisville Metro Police officers accused of sex crimes.

The alleged victims were members of LMPD's Youth Explorer Program.

The prosecutor on the cases for both Brandon Wood and Kenneth Betts asked the judges for more time Tuesday to file evidence in the cases. Prosecutor Christie Foster says it will be two months before all the documents are complete.

Wood and Betts were indicted on charges of sexual abuse of teenagers in LMPD's explorer program. Betts is charged with sodomy involving sex with two different minors while Wood faces seven counts of sexual abuse.

The cases are separate but have the same prosecutor who told two different judges Tuesday morning she needs more time to file discovery in the cases.

“This is an ongoing investigation with the Public Integrity Unit and I am continuing to receive materials and expect in October to be in a better position to place that in the court file,” said Foster.

The attorneys representing both Wood and Betts agreed with the request for a time extension.

Wood is expected back in court on Oct. 5 for his next pre-trial hearing. Betts is due back on Oct. 31.