LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- The kitchen at Angie's Home Cooking Family Restaurant is busy with the scent of hot food wafting through the air while the shouts of orders ring out, signaling the plates of food are ready for pick-up.

"I'm a fan of the smothered pork chops. I like the chicken and dressing. The chili is excellent. Everything is good," restaurant owner Angela Bishop said. "It's that kind of food that your mom used to cook for you, your grandmother used to cook for you."

"This will be my third meal here in a month, so I can vouch for the food as outstanding here," Mayor Greg Fischer, D.-Louisville, said Wednesday afternoon. "I've got my order going right now."

For Bishop, the small building at 2622 W. Broadway in Lyles Mall is a dream come true.

"It's surreal," she said. "It's like it's happening, but I'm like, it's happening to me? I can't believe it."

The restaurant is a culmination of a lot of hard work, according to Bishop, who said she first had the idea of starting her own restaurant 10 years ago, but Bishop has received some help along the way, thanks to the city's Microbusiness Program through its Office of Resilience and Community Services, which gave Bishop a $20,000 revolving loan to help her purchase equipment and food supplies.

"They have a lot of tools in place to give you all the help you needed that there's no reason why you couldn't succeed," Bishop said.

"We provide that training for them. We give them the dollars they need to help support that business and the functioning of the various businesses they're trying to start," Resilience and Community Services Director Gena Redmon said. "If you have a dream, if you have a focus and you're willing to wish for it, we want to encourage you to do that now."

The Microbusiness Program provides federally-funded no-interest to low-interest loans to entrepreneurs like Bishop looking to start or expand their small businesses, with the hope of revitalizing Louisville's neighborhoods, like the Russell neighborhood, where Bishop and her restaurant both call home.

"To have a business here in this community, it's not only a community - it's my community," she said. "And I'd like to see some positive changes go on."

Angie's Home Cooking Family Restaurant's loan was part of the city's Russell Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy Area. Fischer also announced six other Microbusiness Program loans Wednesday afternoon, including two other Russell NRSA loans. The six loans total $77,000, according to the Office of Resilience and Community Services.