LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) —On January 4, 2018, accused child sex trafficker Silky Clark, 39, is scheduled to be back in court, seeking a bond reduction. That bond right now is $500,000 full cash.

According to the recently released 208-page discovery from his case file, condoms were found all over his apartment on Saddlebrook Lane.

Investigators also found the 17-year-old girl they were looking for at the apartment who they noted was high on drugs.

However, she didn't want to leave, stating “Silky loves me. He gives me anything that I want,” as well as “As soon as you all are done with me, I am coming back to this.”

In a recorded conversation with Clark, he denied being her pimp and claimed he thought she was not a minor.

“I looked at her I.D., and the I.D. is 19,” Clark said.

A recovered fake I.D. at the apartment, which investigators say the girl was using, puts her age at 26.

The case file also focuses extensively on Clark's use of Facebook and social media.

Several videos Clark posted on Facebook show him in motel rooms, with wads of cash as well as young girls.