CRESTWOOD, Ky. (WHAS11) – From abusing alcohol to opioids, Oldham County School officials say they are prepared, and ready to act.

New numbers show alcohol is still abused, and often by younger children.

With the drug abuse crisis becoming a national epidemic, Oldham County wants to be ready.

Oldham County Schools have long been known as some of the best not only in the state but the entire country.

Their innovate way of studying student patterns could ultimately help them improve your child’s education, but ultimately save lives in and out of the classroom.

For nearly three decades Oldham County Schools have been keeping track of alcohol and drug use on school grounds.

"Every class is different,” Superintendent Greg Schultz said. “It depends on what that class is doing. I will say this I think our schools do a really good job of catching students who are doing things they shouldn't be doing."

The Class of 2016 was no different.

A report given to the school board in July shows marijuana use was down 43 percent during the last academic year, however alcohol use soared 132 percent with 26 violations being the second most in school history ultimately leading to two expulsions.

"If we see different type of trends maybe that means we need to move education a little bit different way,” Schultz said. “Bring in some outside providers or outside sources to help educate our children in different manners. It also gives us a feel of what our kids are doing."

After studying the numbers from across Kentuckiana, Oldham County is making NARCAN available in high schools districtwide.

"Our ultimate goal is to keep kids safe,” Schultz said.

Though district administrators have not seen evidence that opioids are a problem in their schools' nurses along with other school staff have been trained on how to use the life-saving drug.

"It's really a community measure,” Schultz said. “We've not had any overdoses, knock on wood that we never do. Because we do have a lot of folks that attend our after-school events we just want everybody can remain as safe as they possibly can. If we do run into that we're prepared to handle that emergency."

Oldham County students caught with drugs and alcohol face suspension, and could even be sent to the renaissance program at alternative school for drug and alcohol awareness which includes a screening process and counseling as needed.