LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- As Metro Council members plan to vote on a budget Thursday, extra security is expected which was hired by Councilwoman Angela Leet. Leet says she hired security to protect her aid who claims seeing Dan Johnson pulling down his pants to her in a parking lot last year.

"I didn't want this to happen. I assure you, I never wanted any of this to be public or made available," said Erin Hinson.

The timing of the hire comes as Hinson and Councilwoman Jessica Green received a cease and desist letter from Johnson's attorney asking them to sign a defamation settlement agreement. "Frankly the bottom line is that this is pathetic, sad and low-down," Green told WHAS11.

Green says Johnson groped her earlier this month. She says she wanted to keep the matter out of the public eye but addressed the issue last week when she and Leet called for a better harassment reporting policy within Metro Council. "For antics like this, they are turning this council into a laughing stock. It's embarrassing," Green said.

Green says she has no plans to sign anything. Leet plans to introduce a new harassment reporting policy at Thursday night's Metro Council meeting.