May we make a recommendation? This is where Next points you toward something that isn't from us, but is worth your time.

Forbes has a fascinating article about a man in Denver who supplies mozzarella to Pizza Hut, Dominos and Papa Johns.

Because of Kyle's feelings on cheese, we thought twice about this article, but it's too good to pass up and not share.

The 15 stages of admitting you don't like cheese, as Kyle Clark has so bravely done

James Leprino is a "secretive billionaire." The 79-year-old is so private that there isn't a single photo of him on his company's website.

He lives a simple life and told Forbes he'd likely pick up a hammer before calling someone to help him with chores around the house.

Leprino Foods' headquarters, which sits at the intersection of Shohone Street and West 38th Avenue, is home to, as Forbes calls him, the "Willy Wonka of cheese."

It started as a family grocery store in Denver's Little Italy and now the company is the world's top producer of pizza cheese. Leprino Foods sells more than one billion pounds of cheese every year.

The Forbes article is a detailed look into the histor, and the business model of a company that operates right here in our city.

Take a few minutes to read it here.