LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – A family is in mourning after a tow truck driver was hit and killed on Dixie Highway Monday night while doing his job and helping someone else.

He's been identified as 42-year-old Steve Simpson. Police say he was helping move a disabled vehicle when he was hit by a van.

“The number one thing we have to worry about is the cars, they're way too close to us, way too close,” Antonio Zumbrano, owner of Kentuckiana Towing said.

He says there's not a day that goes by where his life is not at risk.

“When you leave you never want to think that ‘oh, I might get hit today but there is always a chance that you could.’”

He allowed WHAS11 News in his truck for a ride along, discussing the accident that is weighing heavy on his mind, where fellow driver Steve Simpson who worked for Scalf’s Towing in Brandenburg, Kentucky died while loading a disabled vehicle.

The accident happened on Dixie Highway near West Point around 10 p.m.

“For 14 hours we're out here working and all those 14 hours is a close call and something could happen,” Zumbrano said.

He revisited the area where Simpson was hit. Zumbrano says this stretch of road is very poorly lit. Zumbrano says not only do drivers need to stop being distracted, he pleads with everyone to remember to give them some space.

“Whatever lane you are in just move over, the quicker we get done, the quicker we're out of there,” he added.

The drivers did pretty well for WHAS11 cameras by moving over when Zumbrano was loading a parked truck.

According, to AAA Kentucky and Indiana, state law requires vehicles to move when a tow truck is on a shoulder.

It’s a brotherhood of silent rescuers, equipped with a truck, chains and determination to get you to your destination safety, these tow truck drivers say they want the same courtesy.

“To remind me what I'm doing this for and for me to keep working harder, that's my love, that's my life, that's what I live for, my kids and my wife,” Zumbrano said.

These drivers have families at home just like the rest of us. LMPD tells us Simpson did have the flashing lights on his tow truck Monday night, but he had already raised the vehicle he was carrying onto the flatbed so that may have blocked the lights from being seen.

As of now the driver who hit Simpson is cooperating and is not facing any charges.