SELLERSBURG, Ind. (WHAS11) -- The final moments of last week's deadly train crash in Sellersburg were captured on a nearby surveillance camera showing what police are calling a tragic accident - an SUV, driving on the tracks, was hit by an oncoming train.

"Just a bang of medal. Very loud," Bette Broady told WHAS11.

She lives just feet from the crash site and heard the collision. Safety has always been a concern for her, even though she said you can always hear and see a train before it's too late.

"These crossings are unobstructed. There's no way you can't see a train coming in either direction," she said.

The Indiana Department of Transportation reviews all deadly crashes at rail crossings every year and comes up with a priority list that determines what crossings may need improvements. A spokesperson tells WHAS11 the intersection of US31 and Bringham Drive is in compliance with crossing signs, but because it’s in an industrial part of Sellersburg, not much through traffic passes over it.

"The next step up from this would be to have flashing signals. The questioins is would flashing signals have changed the outcome of the crossing?" Harry Maginity told WHAS11

Police are looking into why the SUV stopped and did not attempt to clear the tracks. Clark County commissioners are in the process of receiving money to paint signs on the pavements of the unincorporated parts of the county leading to crossings. INDOT said any safety improvements that cost taxpayer money have to be carefully considered.

"The state of Indiana has to look at all of the crossings within the inventory of the state to see what rises to the top," Maginity said.

Broady wonders if more safeguards offer better protection. In this case, police and INDOT are working to determine that.

"The families are suffering terribly. It bothers us as neighbors," Broady said.