LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) –The wind was howling, a baby had been born in the shelter, and the TV satellite signal stayed strong.

In late September of 1989, WHAS TV’s legendary Chief Meteorologist Chuck Taylor held on tight to report the onslaught of Hurricane Hugo as it was hitting Charleston, South Carolina.

Chuck loved to head out into the storm, any storm, and when Hugo was looming he convinced the executives at WHAS to send him and a team.

They sent our 2-year-old satellite truck called “Satcam”, a photographer, a producer, and Chuck.

This LIVE report we found in our archives, was seen by hundreds of thousands of people that night on WHAS11.

As the CBS affiliate at the time, a two-hour season premiere of the hit show “Dallas” was leading into our newscast. Everyone was watching and everyone saw Chuck.

Listen and watch, as he tells you about the birth of a child, and how another legendary Louisville broadcaster, on the air that night on WHAS Radio, turned over his show to help the people of Charleston.

Chuck died of cancer in 1997. He would be the first to say, “Send me to cover Matthew.”