LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- 911 calls give a glimpse of the frantic scene moments after an SUV hit three children standing at their bus stop.

"Operator: What is the location of your emergency?

Caller: It is 32nd and Dumesnil

Operator: 32nd and Dumesnil. What is going on there?

Caller: Its a wreck, a kid is on the ground."

"Operator: Ma'am I've got the police, fire, and EMS on the way okay, is there anyone unconscious?

Caller: There is one kid that is under the vehicle."

LMPD says the driver of that SUV was driving eastbound on Dumesnil street , did not realize that that school bus was stopping, did not see the children on the sidewalk, swerved to avoid the school bus and ended up striking three children at their bus stop.

Police tell us two of the children are now considered to have non-life threatening injuries, but one is still in serious to critical condition.

LMPD tells us their preliminary traffic synopsis only indicates that the SUV driver failed to reduce his speed or distance when the bus slowed, but there is no indication that he was over the speed limit.

Still JCPS says this tragic accident serve as a reminder to be extra careful around school buses.

"When you are driving to work and home in the morning or you are out driving, we have school buses that are on the road and those school buses stop and they pick up kids and they could be your kids and please, you know watch for our students, watch for our school buses, try to take every precaution that you can, don't text and drive," said JCPS Director of Communication, Allison Martin.

Police say the SUV driver was taken to the hospital with serious injuries and will be charged with no insurance and no registration. While they are still investigating, they do not anticipate further charges for that driver.